Spring Forward with Little Horn State Bank!


We are excited to announce that our Digital Banking & Telephone Banking products will be getting an upgrade on April 19th to give our customers MORE! You’ve asked for MORE and we listened. We are thrilled to be upgrading our systems to deliver an improved experience, additional services, and enhanced functionality.

We appreciate your patience during this transition and thank you for banking with us!

Answers to the questions you likely have:

Your Username will remain the same! In order to log into the upgraded system for the first time, you will need to use a one-time temporary password to set a new password. You will receive your one-time temporary password by email.This email will come from the bank directly. If you mistakenly delete this email or cannot find the email with the temporary password, you can use the Forgot Password option to request another one be sent.

To ensure you receive all of the information regarding this upgrade, PLEASE verify that we have your current email address. The next time you log in, go to Menu/Settings/Profile and verify your email address is correct.

*Reminder: Emails from Little Horn will be informational only. The Bank will never ask you to provide sensitive information over general email.

Watch this video to learn more:

  • Depositing checks will be easier for those who use Mobile Deposit. Users will be reminded of endorsement requirements for mobile deposit before submitting their check images. The upgraded system uses the camera’s live feed- no more having to navigate to the option to take a photo on their devices camera.
  • Users can link their Little Horn Bank debit card to the Little Horn Mobile App for easier card control and improved security.
  • Bill payments will be easier through eBills. Picture-pay will allow users to take a picture of a bill. Then the system will then pull out the relevant information such as account number, amount, date, payee name and address, and account number.
  • When reviewing transactions, users will be able to categorize payments and pull reports based on the different categories for improved budgeting.
  • And MORE!

We anticipate access to online and mobile banking will be unavailable from 8 PM MST on April 19, 2024 until approximately 10 AM MST on April 22, 2024. See "How do you login for the first time after the upgrade" above.

After you establish a new password, you will need to register your device with a secure code. Your device should remain registered if you so indicate. If you continue to get asked to register the same device and browser, please check the following settings:

  • Your browser settings are configured to delete cookies.
  • Your browser cookies for Little Horn Online Banking were removed.
  • You use a browser plugin that automatically removes browser cookies when you close the browser.
  • Your account requires a secure access code each time you log in.
  • You used a Symantec VIP Token for a secure access code when you log in.
  • You logged in with a different browser on the same registered computer.
  • You deleted and reinstalled the Little Horn Bank mobile app.
  • For security reasons, we reset all active registrations for all users.

The new Little Horn State Bank Mobile App will be available on April 22nd.  You may need to re-download the app if it doesn't update automatically.

Yes, you will be able to search the transaction history of each account back to January 1, 2024. You will also be able to review all archived statements.

You are welcome to download and save your account history from the current system prior to January 1, 2024 before April 21, 2024.

Yes, you will be able to continue to link your Little Horn online banking to Intuit products.

No, the phone numbers will not change; continue to dial (406) 665-4200 or Toll Free (877) 606-4200.

Yes. The first time you call in after the upgrade on April 22nd, you will be asked to enter your account information and to set up a new pin. Please note: For security reasons the system will not allow a users PIN to be any part of their Social Security number.

Yes, after the update is complete. Bill Pay will be unavailable starting April 15 through April 22.